Remy: A book about believing in yourself (paperback)


Remy’s story is that of an eleven-year-old smart, intelligent, but unhappy boy who lives in the beautiful coastal town of Timberland with his parents. He is not only an unhappy child but also lacks self-confidence and struggles with temperament issues.

Remy’s unhappiness, lack of self-confidence, and anger issues all stem from his insecurities about his appearance. He is quite shorter than other children his age and also has very small eyes, and he was almost always mocked for them by other children. This has made Remy highly sensitive about his appearance, particularly his height. As he grows up, his height seems to become his biggest weakness. He starts to pick fights with anyone who makes fun of his height. This has only made things worse for Remy. Not only are children starting to enjoy Remy’s frustration and anger, but his performance at school is also getting affected significantly. He is losing interest in studies, which is causing his grades to drop.

Things take a turn for the worse when Remy starts middle school, where he is joined by a new classmate named Jayden. Jayden is tall, fashionable, and a great basketball player, and all these qualities have made him quite popular in the class. He is the cool guy everyone wants to be friends with. But, Jayden is also a bully. He mocks and bullies Remy, the only student in the class who is unimpressed by Jayden. As a result, Jayden and Remy are at odds with each other ever since the beginning of middle school.

The book tracks Remy’s journey of struggling with his emotions, his fights with Jayden, his mother’s advice and reassurances, the promises he makes to himself, and his failure to keep those promises to finally coming to terms with the reality. The book follows Remy’s journey of self-growth and acceptance. How he evolves from an insecure, unhappy boy to a satisfied and confident one with the help of his mother and an owl. The owl provides him a new perspective, whereas his mother helps him gain control over his emotions and make peace with his looks.

The book also touches upon how yoga can help deal with various emotional issues to encourage both parents and children to incorporate yoga into their daily routine. In the book, yoga helps Remy gain control over his emotions and helps him gradually evolve as a person.



Remy: A book about believing in yourself (paperback)